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Most wanted APL VIP club

Being a part of the President’s VIP club means …

Being a part of the President’s VIP club means …

- being part of the closest circle including APL President and Founder, Mr. Sergey Kulikov,
- having special access to APL events, 
- being a part of the absolute best Associates that APLs has to offer,
- having special status recognized by APL Associates all over the world.

How can I become the owner of the personalized APL badge from the president?

Be a part of the best of the best! Annually, Mr. Kulikov invites the “chosen ones”, and other main APL leaders, to his private birthday celebration called GOLDEN PEOPLE. He personally gifts a personalized badge in a shape of SK initials with a diamond to an Associate as a sign or recognition.

What does being a part of the VIP club provide?

Within a calendar year, the chosen Associates receive exclusive birthdays presents from the president’s family.

These individuals are not only the first to learn about company news but also play an important role in the development of the company.

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