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The story of one island

One small paradise island has attracted us with its mysterious history

Panama has more than one thousand five hundred (1,500) islands. This is one of the main reasons why we have chosen Panama for the Summer Academy! One of those islands in particular will be known as the WILD ISLAND!

One small paradise island has attracted us with its mysterious history. Like most of Panama's islands, this island was a favorite destination for pirates! Some of the most famous tried to conquer this island when it was in the possession of the Spanish Crown: Francis Drake, Henry "Red" Morgan, John Oxenham, William Parker. Do these names sound familiar? Perhaps you will have the honor to “meet” one of them since their ghosts are rumored to guard the island. It’s a known fact that the coffin which contains the body of Francis Drake was sunk in 1596 somewhere nearby. There is no doubt that somewhere on the island, Drake buried a treasure chest filled with gold. His ghost is said to be guarding it to this day.

By the way, this is not the only "resident" of the island. When Henry "Red" Morgan conquered the Wild Island in 1668, it is believed that he took 175 mules laden with jewels and 600 slaves from the city of Panama. He sailed away at night, while the other pirates were drunk and slept, leaving them with nothing. So far, no one has found the gold that Morgan stole in Panama. They say that it may also be hidden on a mysterious island. In addition to its pirate history, the island also boasts a rich Afro-Panamanian culture. Tribes with their own colorful subculture were known to live in these areas. They spoke with the words "back to front" so that they would not be understood and chose their "queen" Mese and king "Juandio".

What other stories does the island full of mysteries have in store for the participants of the “Wild Panama” Summer Academy?

Next time we are going to tell you in whose honor we named the tribes of participants of the Summer Academy!

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