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The kindest birthday of the President

Every year Sergey Kulikov celebrates his birthday not at home with his family, but with his APL family.

Every year Sergey Kulikov celebrates his birthday not at home with his family, but with his APL family.

But this birthday will be special! The pandemic never ceases to dictate its conditions and sometimes they are so wild that the best option is to stay at home. But the GOLDEN PEOPLE can't be missed! Do you agree? This time it's going to be truly magical!

This year the top APL Leaders will be doing a big good deed at the request of the President. It will be the best gift ever! Instead of attending the GOLDEN PEOPLE this year, the Leaders will donate 5,000 euros to the charity Fund. It's an act worthy of admiration and great APLause! All the money raised will go to save the lives of several children. If you also want to get involved and do a good deed in honor of the President's birthday, it's easy to do it. Remember that any amount is important! Together we can do a lot! On aplgo.com in the "opportunities" section there will be a help button where you can easily donate any amount for children's lives.

And by tradition, we suggest that you distribute a full-length photo of Sergey Kulikov to all offices and arrange a grand surprise in his honor! As a sign that the President is always with the APL family and the APL family is always there for him!

And so, on January 23, let's meet in our offices and have a glass of champagne to celebrate the birthday of a man who does so much for us and for the world.

To get in the holiday spirit, you can watch one of the birthday boy's three favorites: the big videos about Summer Academy in Panama, APL TRIUMPH, or Magic of eight. They're all available on our YouTube channel.

What else can you do at the APL President's birthday party besides eating a cake?

Discuss the results of the past year and share your plans for the next unstoppable year with your team.

Go to aploffice.com under- step 2 - required knowledge - download and pre-print the two files "sponsorship analysis system" and "first line expansion system" and let each of your Associates plan their business - your successful business. Sergey Kulikov will be very happy about it!

To join the surprise you need:

1. Print a full-length 187 cm photo of Sergey. Here is the link to the photo https://cloud.mail.ru/public/hQUj/i3a9N8Hf9 Examples of prints of designs are also enclosed in the link.

2. Post a photo with the President on Instagram and other resources. Tag the President in the photo (@sergey_kulikov_aplgo) and put hashtags for him to see your post. #sergeyykulikov #golden_people2022 #aplgo

4. Add text to the photo: "Sergey, we are with you even if you are on the other side of the planet! Happy Birthday!"

It is not so easy to give a gift to a man who has everything, but it is possible to surprise him! Let's make such an unusual grand surprise together!

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