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Spring has come to APL

Spring is a time of awakening, renewal, and new opportunities

Spring is a time of awakening, renewal, and new opportunities. This year, we promised each of you that you will have so many opportunities in APL to develop yourselves and your potential that it will be hard to resist! Well, there you go! Here's a new round of motivation! There are special conditions for completing Step 1 of the year's major promotion and for closing the qualification - Corporate director! Go for it! Let your career go swiftly up this year!

Complete the 1 STEP of the “Major promotion of the year”.


  • Generate additional volume equal to 1300 PV from 1 to 14 of March.

Advance to Corporate!


  • STEP 1: Generate additional volume equal to 500 PV from 1 to 7 of March, 2022.
  • STEP 2: The volume of your structure’s first purchases in March (1.03- 31.03.2022) should be 12000 PV or higher.
  • STEP 3: Enroll an Associate to the first level for 1800 u.e. or higher.

And advance to the Corporate director!

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